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Gibson and His Agent Deny Trade Talk With Ducks: “None Of That Is True”

John Gibson and his agent have shot down any rumors of him asking for a trade out of Anaheim and he denies he wants to leave.

Reports surfaced on Monday, and by a number of sources, that goaltender John Gibson has informed the Anaheim Ducks he would be open to a trade. Not long after that, other reports refuted that news, specifically quoting Gibson’s agent Kurt Overhardt who said there is no truth to those discussions. The goaltender then added that he has not communicated any desire to move on from the team.

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“All of the rumors that I got in a call from Kurt yesterday are false because I haven’t had a conversation with anybody there,” Gibson said. “None of that is true.”

As per Eric Stephens of The Athletic, Gibson said it was important he reach out and squash the rumors because he doesn’t know where they came from. He has no desire to leave the team. He explained:

“I think in the summertime you always see rumors and all that. It doesn’t really bother me. I wanted to let it be known that it’s not true. When I signed my extension in Anaheim however many years ago, I said I’d be honored to play in the same city and be a part of the same organization my whole career. I still have all my intentions on doing that.”

Could Gibson Still Be Dealt?

If multiple reports claim that Gibson has let the Ducks know he’d be ok to be moved, but the agent and the player says that isn’t true, what is true? Oddly, potentially… both. While Gibson flat out denied that he wants to be moved, saying, “No. I want to win in Anaheim. I’ve been here and I’m happy to be here.” Would he deny a trade if asked to accept one? Perhaps that depends on where he’s going.

Both Gibson’s and Overhardt’s comments could be a bit of damage control and he might be telling the truth that “no discussions” have been had between the two sides. There doesn’t actually need to be a full conversation about a potential trade if it’s general knowledge between the two sides that Gibson would be open to a move if the Ducks felt it best to move on. So too, the Ducks and the goaltender might not actually have had a discussion about it until a potential trade is on the table.

Gibson has a 10-team clause in his contract. Perhaps what Overhardt is referring to is more of a formal discussion that would include Gibson submitting his list of teams that he doesn’t want to go to. That clearly hasn’t happened yet if Overhardt is being honest.

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