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Head of NHL DoPS, George Parros: “I Don’t Want the Job If…”

George Parros says he doesn’t want the gig as head of NHL Department of Player Safety if no one thinks he’s doing a good job.

If the players don’t think he can do the job and the GMs don’t believe he’s doing it well, George Parros says he doesn’t want the gig. Currently, he’s serving as the Head of the NHL’s Department of Player Safety, but the New York Rangers released a statement after an incident with Washington Capitals Tom Wilson asking for the NHL to remove Parros from power because Wilson wasn’t suspended.

The statement wound up costing the Rangers $250K, the most expensive fine ever dished out for such an offense by the NHL, and Parros was not removed. The NHL backed up their executive in their own statement but reports have surfaced that the former NHL enforcer could be on thin ice when it comes to holding the position he currently holds. Specifically, Georges Laraque was on Oilers Now with Bob Stauffer Thursday and suggested his sources tell him that Parros has one more strike and the Gary Bettman was not happy about the decision not to suspend Wilson.

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Many have argued that Bettman works hand-in-hand with Parros on some of these decisions. Parros noted that was not accurate. When asked if Bettman is informed or weighs in on these decisions, Parros said, “He’s not even allowed to be privy to anything I’m doing.” He added, “They leave to my own decisions, I wouldn’t have it any other way. If they are trying to influence me during the process, I don’t think that’s what anyone wants.”

Unfortunately, the inconsistencies that seem to regularly come out of that department is also not something anyone wants.

One of the biggest issues for the NHL, its players and its GM’s is that no one seems to know anymore what is worthy of a fine, a suspension or no punishment. That Wilson has a long history of suspensions and got away with a fine only seems to muddy the waters more. Parros said during the interview that if this continues to be an issue and the players and GMs want him out, he doesn’t want the job.

Right now he’s feels like he’s got the backing of the league and those that work in the department with him. But, Parros seems to be aware that the perception of the work he’s doing is changing.

James Dolan Gary Bettman
NHL fines New York Rangers – James Dolan Gary Bettman

Could Anyone Do This Job?

To be fair to Parros, the job he has is thankless. There’s no way he’ll get every decision right or win the popular vote when it comes time to make a choice on suspending a player or not. Every fan base, the media and the players will question why something was done, whether you throw the book at someone or you let them off the hook.

Perhaps transparency is key here and that Parros has decided to talk about the process that goes into the decision is a good first step. I, for one, had no idea Bettman was removed from the equation altogether. That’s no small aspect of how these decisions are made.

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