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Former NHL Star Daniel Briere Trying to Become Next Great NHL GM

Former NHLer Daniel Briere wants to become next great NHL GM. He’s taking classes and getting his degree on the pathway to landing a job.

If you’ve ever wondered how a good player, with no general manager experience, goes about becoming the next great GM in hockey, look no further than former Buffalo Sabres and Philadelphia Flyers forward Daniel Briere. You see, unlike it seemed to for the Steve Yzerman’s and Joe Sakic’s of the world, GM jobs don’t come easy. It takes a lot of dedication and education to pick up the skills one might need to manage an NHL team once your playing days are done.

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Briere is on track to be a future GM / manager in the NHL. The path he’s chosen is one that goes through Wharton, which is one of the most prestigious finance schools in the United States.

During an interview with Radio-Canada, Briere shared that he is pursuing a master’s degree in business administration at the prestigious Wharton School of Finance at the University of Pennsylvania. It’s a school many GMs have gone through before achieving their goals and putting their skills into practice. It’s also the same institution that boasts an alumni that includes names like Elon Musk, Warren Buffet, and New York Mets new owner Steve Cohen.

“Wharton is to finance what Harvard Law School is to the legal field ,” said Briere proudly.

While he noted it’s a bit scary going back to school, Briere got the courage to do so from Flyers’ business president Valerie Camillo. He wanted Briere to get a degree. He noted, “the challenge was interesting. I wanted to learn. And I absolutely do not regret having done so.”

Briere wouldn’t get into detail about some of the other GMs that went to that school, but he said there are several and adds he will be taking a course in negotiations from the school beginning in 2021.

Be on the Lookout For Briere

There’s a tendency in the NHL to hire previous GMs who have been fired or run out of their old organizations and there’s always been a question as to why. The argument is that experience plays a huge part in the job but too many GMs have proven incapable of changing with the game and learning the new skills needed to keep up with analytics and other important trends.

Briere seems hungry to maybe be the next former player to get a look over a former manager that’s probably not got the same hunger and drive.

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