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Former NHL Coach Bruce Boudreau Part of Hilarious WWE Raw Video

Former NHL coach and lifelong WWE fan, Bruce Boudreau, was an active part of the show on Monday Night following Raw.

Legendary NHL coach and long-time wrestling fan Bruce Boudreau was in attendance for Monday Night Raw in Hershey, Pennsylvania on Monday. He was caught on television a couple of times, but WWE took advantage of the fact Boudreau is a lifelong fan of the company and had him shoot a video with two Canadian wrestling stars, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

Taking their lead off of memorable footage of Boudreau in the locker room for one of the teams he used to coach, the Washington Capitals, Boudreau was there to offer guidance and motivational words of wisdom to two of his favorite WWE Superstars.

The video shows Owens and Zayn in the locker room after coming out on top in their main event six-man tag match against Imperium. In strolls Boudreau who tried to stop both men from complaining about their match. Boudreau says, “You guys did OK out there.” He then went on to critique both stars, telling Owens he can’t get knocked out the ring and stay out there for five minutes. Owens said he was hurt and Boudreau responded, next week in Saudi — where WWE will be holding an event on Saturday — “You can’t afford to do that.” He then told Zayn that he needs to be “a little more active in the ring”.

Both men were a bit confused but then Sami came around and said this was exactly what he needed; someone to get on his ass and thought maybe he should jot some of this advice down. Boudreau said you got to really want it and Zayn said, “Sorry coach.” Boudreau said he would be watching on Saturday and told both guys if they wanted to text him before the match, they were welcome to do so.

When the two were smacking each other trying to pump the other up, Boudreau said, “Remember, were a team. Teams loves each other, teams don’t smack each other.”

Boudreau admitted he was quite nervous, but he also hit it out of the park and was hilarious.

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