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Flames’ Treliving Says Bennett and Sutter “Match Made in Heaven”

Calgary Flames GM Brad Treliving has said he sees hiring Darryl Sutter as head coach equates to a fresh start for Sam Bennett.

Calgary Flames GM Brad Treliving spoke with David Amber during Saturday night’s Edmonton Oilers vs. Flames game and talked about the decision to bring in Darryl Sutter as the Flames new coach. One of the questions Amber asked was what the hiring might mean for forward Sam Bennett.

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Asking if the differences were irreconcilable between the organization and the player, Treliving suggested that this is fresh start for everyone and “at the top of the list” is Bennett. A player who was not in the good books of former coach Geoff Ward, Bennett was a healthy scratch again Saturday and there has been plenty of speculation he may be moved this season. He’s not been productive, despite being slotted in multiple spots in the Flames roster.

Sutter was brought in with one specific goal in mind. His job is to use his incredible skill at pushing players and getting them in the right mindset to play hard each and every night. Treliving said he knows that Sutter has already spoken with Bennett and while he didn’t reveal what was said (he might not even know) it was hinted that Bennett is going to like the fact that Sutter isn’t going to hold his past against him.

Treliving called the pairing a potential “match made in heaven” as Sutter is a coach who wants to see players work hard, while Bennett is the type of player who is known to grind, even if the results aren’t always there.

Sam Bennett Calgary Flames
Sam Bennett Calgary Flames trade rumors

Could This Mean No Bennett Trade?

It was never a given that Bennett was going to be moved. Most believed a trade was inevitable if the coach continued to sit the player, but if Sutter comes in, gives Bennett some ice time and he responds, it’s certainly possible that a trade comes off the table.

At the end of the day, the Flames would probably like things to work out with Bennett. They’ve noted he’s a player that can produce in the post-season and are hoping the club reaches the playoffs, where his game tends to shine.

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