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Fahrenheit 451: The Right Movie for Right Now

Even though Fahrenheit 451 has been met with mostly negative reviews I would give this one a shot. From both the plot and how terrifyingly close to reality it is, the actors are excellent.

Fahrenheit 451 is the right movie for right now. I am so glad flipping through the channels I came across it. At first, I thought it must have been a flop since I couldn’t remember any trailers for it. It turns out it was just at Cannes and aired on HBO and if you have HBO I would recommend you watch it.

Let me preface this by admitting, I have never read the book. I have a ton of books and I believe I actually have a copy of it but I have yet to read it. I will be now. Written in 1953, it is almost like Ray Bradbury actually saw the world we would live in. I won’t get too much into the plot as I hate spoilers, but Civil War had destroyed the USA – a Civil War that was started by having so many different opinions. Take a look at any social media today and you can already see people calling for that.

After the war, all opposing views are silenced by “firemen” who destroy anything that could give an alternate view; which is mostly found in the literature of that time. In this world, technology is scary. Among the dangers is a home assistant you can talk to and can record you. Sound familiar? I don’t want to come off as a guy in foil hat-wearing conspiracy nut but I will never have a smart home and this movie helped cement that in my mind. The plays on Social Media that it is so important and that it creates celebrities also hits very close to home. I really can’t say enough about the plot of this movie.

First Michael B. Jordan is quickly becoming one of my favorite actors in Hollywood. Any role you need a tough guy for, he should be in the running. But besides that, he can play a deep character.  In Black Panther and Creed, while he is the hard, badass the character, his is also much deeper and he proves yet again he can play both deep and tough, as a young fireman in this movie. My only beef is that is short and they could use more screen time to develop the divisions inside him.

Michael Shannon, in my opinion, is very underrated as well. As the Captain in this, he too plays a very interesting role. Clearly, he believes what he is doing is right, that he does not want to see another Civil War but it is clear he is also interested in books and knowledge. Both leading men are amazing.

To wrap it up even though I have seen nothing but mostly negative reviews I would give this one a shot. I personally think it is very well done. From both the plot and how terrifyingly close to reality it is an ow good the actors do.

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