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Dylan Larkin Wants $9 Million-Plus On New Deal With Red Wings

Reports are that Dylan Larkin has drawn a line in the sand with the Detroit Red Wings and wants at least $9 million per season and long-term.

After Dylan Larkin scored five goals in the NHL All-Star Game and reminded everyone about just good he is, then seeing Bo Horvat sign for eight years and $8.5 million with the New York Islanders, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Larkin has drawn a line in the sand with the Detroit Red Wings. According to a report on Monday by David Pagnotta of The Fourth Period, he notes during NHL Tonight on NHL Network spot that Larkin is asking for at least $9 million per season on an eight-year agreement.

Pagnotta adds:

“He’s looking for a long-term deal, that eight-year extension, and I believe that number starts with a nine, as in $9 million. It could be just above that on an AAV. He’s looking for those types of dollars, and I believe that message was relayed prior to Horvat signing his new contract with the New York Islanders.”

Dylan Larkin Red Wings contract talks
Dylan Larkin Red Wings contract talks

Most insiders believe that a contract extension will get done between the Red Wings and Larkin. As Brad Galli reports, “Hall of Famer Mark Messier thinks Steve Yzerman will do ‘everything he can’ to retain Dylan Larkin.” He explains, “The ESPN analyst told me Larkin’s leadership is important to a rebuild, especially after learning from greats like Henrik Zetterberg.” Larkin himself says he knows the fans and media have wondered why it hasn’t gotten done yet. He said, “Everyone knows what’s going on around the league, and guys are asking why it hasn’t been done yet.”

Many argue that Larkin is a better player than Horvat and that this deal shouldn’t be taking so long for the Red Wings if they have a chance to lock in one of their best players.

If Larkin was upfront about his ask, it’s now up to the Red Wings to meet him where he wants to be. Should they not be prepared to do so, they’ll have an important decision to make. Do they move him ahead of the NHL Trade Deadline on March 3? Or, do they wait and use the rest of this season and part of the offseason to try and sign him before potentially trading his rights ahead of the NHL Entry Draft?

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