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Dubas and Maple Leafs Possible Interest in Zdeno Chara

Scribe talks about Maple Leafs and GM Kyle Dubas’ potential interest in NHL defenseman Zdeno Chara.

So far, veteran defenseman Zdeno Chara hasn’t made a decision when it comes to his playing future in the NHL. Reports are that he’s waiting to see what format the NHL goes with next season and when the 2021 campaign might start before committing to the Boston Bruins or another NHL team. What’s interesting, is that the longer the delay in Chara’s decision, the more and more that “other NHL team” scenario seems to get discussed.

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Most believe Chara will return to the Bruins if he decides to play another season. That said, recently there has been some chatter other teams might be inquiring into his availability and among those teams linked to the massive defenseman is the Toronto Maple Leafs.

After an offseason where he added a number of veterans on low-cost contracts, Dubas has said he’s open to more moves and Sportsnet’s Luke Fox was asked directly if Dubas would have explored the idea of adding Chara to the mix. He responded with, “Yeah, I mean that is your job, you explore everything.”

He did say, however, that cap space would be a huge issue for the Maple Leafs and that “I just don’t know where the cap space would come from” also noting that he’s not sure Chara is actually leaving Boston. “I’m really curious if Chara is kind of Boston or bust at this point.”

He added:

I don’t know if he’s willing to uproot his family and play for another team. Maybe he is, but you know, I would be surprised if Chara ends up in a Maple Leaf uniform, put it that way, but you make every call you need to make.”

When Are the Leafs Not In on a Deal?

Every time a player seems to become available, the Maple Leafs tend to be in the conversation. In fact, it drives non-Leaf fans nuts and we get a lot of comments that we should talk about another team. Interestingly, it’s easy to see why the Leafs are always in the conversation… they are always poking around.

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