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Don Cherry Shares Full Details on His Firing [Listen Here]

Don Cherry aired the first episode of his new podcast and detailed his firing from Hockey Night in Canada.

Don Cherry is now a podcast host. He aired his first episode of the revived Don Cherry’s Grapevine and he talked to his son (his producer and co-host for the show) about what really happened when he was let go from his position on Hockey Night in Canada.

Cherry wouldn’t elaborate on Ron MacLean’s comments and subsequent disapproval of what Cherry had done but Cherry did say, before he was officially fired, he was willing to go on the air to smooth it over but “they made conditions that made it impossible to do it. I just couldn’t do it.”

When asked about people’s reactions to his removal from the show, “I don’t want to get them in trouble, but a lot of guys phoned me.” He relayed that players, coaches, general managers and even guys from the service reached out to say they were with him. He said what really made him feel good were when truckers and firemen and others would give him a thumbs up. “I lived in a viscous world and I lasted there for 38 years. I’m glad I’m going out on my shield.”

Cherry’s son said that he believes Sportsnet had their guns out and their eyes set on him this year. If it wasn’t this, it would have been something else. Cherry didn’t necessarily believe that was true, but you could understand there are certainly people who are going to feel that way.

At the end of the day, Cherry still believes everyone should wear a poppy and his position there hasn’t changed. No doubt, he’s still got a ton of fans and followers and something tells us his podcast is going to be a nice little revenue generator for the man who suddenly found himself unemployed.

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