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Deadpool 2: A Better Late Than Never Review

Deadpool 2 is definitely worth a watch, and for me at least it will be bought and put up on the movie shelf.

The Obvious

Deadpool 2 is a sequel.

Seems like a silly sentence, I know. But what I mean when I say that is, like most sequels, it isn’t as good as the first.

That said, I gave the first film a 9, maybe a 10 out of 10. The second film could have been spectacular and it would have had a hard time competing with volume No. 1.

A Little Less Obvious

Remember, when you are headed to any Deadpool film, it isn’t Justice League or Avengers; you’re going to a comedy movie. Deadpool is more like Ted than it is The Avengers but with obviously more action.

The Good

Let’s start with Ryan Reynolds, he was born to play Deadpool or maybe Deadpool was written for him to play it. Either way, he is spot on for what Deadpool should be. He is the Merc with the mouth and is great at wisecracks and one-liners. The acting by everyone else is bang on also. Josh Brolin nails it as Cable, an angry, super soldier from the future that comes back in time for vengeance. Listen for an awesome throwback jab from Deadpool about one of Brolin’s first movies. T.J Miller is Weasel again, in my opinion, anything with him is going to get a laugh or two. Domino was well done by Zazie Beetz. It is good to see a new face and to see Marvel using characters people may not have heard of before. Keep a close eye out too for who the Vanisher is, I didn’t catch it the first time.

The References

Marvel and DC have been good at slowly introducing characters and tying them all together into one big comic driven story.  Deadpool is nothing like that. You really don’t even have to have seen the original and you can hop into this movie.

Yes, Colossus lets us know it is an X universe and I guess another sneaky cameo lets us all know yes it is in the same universe as the other mutant movies but you don’t need any comic book knowledge to enjoy it. For a brief moment, I thought X Force might be a real thing in the movie but I should have known from how awful Shatterstar was that it wasn’t going to be. Knowing a bit about Black Tom or Juggernaut might be nice but it literally gives nothing more for the movie. Also, I have to say I am so much more happy with this portrayal of Juggernaut than that terrible X men movie. Sorry Vinnie Jones.

What is helpful is being up to date on the world of pop culture. Deadpool “lives” in our world. He will joke about current events, pop culture and so on. Deadpool breaks the fourth wall numerous times and speaks directly to the audience in reference to things in the real world. So it is probably better to know what is going on around you than in comics books to understand some of this movie.

The Wrap

It’s a decent movie.  There is a story that flows through it, not just random one-liners and gunfights. But all the one-liners and gunfights are great too. Like all comic movies, it seems to leave the door open for another one. Would it amazing to see it transition into the actual Xmen fandom? Of course, it would, I doubt that would happen as his R rated adventures don’t really mix well family films. No matter what he says through the movie, this is not a family movie! It is definitely worth a watch though and for me at least it will be bought and put up on the movie shelf.

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