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David Krejci Leaves Doubt About Return to Bruins Next Season

Saying he can’t see himself playing for another team and his next won’t be about money, David Krejci was non-committal about a Bruins return.

David Krejci needs time to figure out his NHL future. He spoke with the media following the Boston Bruins elimination from the 2020-21 NHL playoffs and was asked about his future in the league and with the team as a pending UFA. Saying, “I’ve thought about it a lot… I’m gonna need a few weeks to think about a lot of things.”

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Krejci did say that he loved Boston and noted that it was his home. He was shy and reserved in his responses, but he did say that he doesn’t see himself playing anywhere else. He did however leave it open when he said, “we’ll see what happens.”

There are big questions about what it will take to get Krejci to come back. He’s finished off a multi-year contract that paid him big bucks and there’s no way he gets that kind of money from the Bruins again. Fortunately, he noted that his upcoming decision won’t be about money. He said, “it’s not about money. I guess that’s all I can tell you. My next deal is not gonna be based on money.” Again, this is good news for the Bruins who have a lot of offseason housekeeping to do, among them bringing back Krejci and Taylor Hall, who Krejci clicked so well with.

Could Krejci Leave the NHL?

One of the rumors going around that Krejci didn’t necessarily squash was that he might be thinking about leaving the NHL soon and going to play back home in his native country of the Czech Republic. He explained:

“You guys write a lot that I always wanted to play in Czech, to finish my career in Czech, which has not changed. I still at one point would like to finish my career in Czech, for different reasons now than when I said it. I would like my kids to speak my language because my parents don’t speak any English…. I would like them to learn the language.”

He did say he didn’t know when that might happen. He’s going to step away, spend some time with his family and go from there.

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