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David Ayres Gets His Own Hockey Card

Emergency backup goaltender David Ayres has signed on as the newest Upper Deck star to have a hockey card made out of him.

Emergency backup goaltender David Ayres is adding a lifetime to his 15 minutes of fame as he’s in the news for signing on as the newest Upper Deck star to have a hockey card made out of him. His time in Carolina will be remembered forever with a new trading card showing his one, and likely only appearance in the NHL.

Ayres — the now famous Zamboni driver who came in as an emergency goalie for the Carolina Hurricanes and ended up helping the Hurricanes beat the team that employs him in the Toronto Maple Leafs, has been the talk of the hockey world over the past two weeks. His story has been unbelievable and a huge marketing opportunity for the NHL and manufactures like Upper Deck. Demand was so high that he have his own hockey card, Upper Deck went out and signed him to a deal.

“You asked for it and we made it happen!” Upper Deck Hockey wrote on Twitter when announcing the cards. They then steared fans towards to pick up the first NHL trading card featuring David Ayres!

That Ayres has a hockey card is actually extremely cool, especially in light of the fact as GM’s head towards their meetings in Florida, one of the topics sure to be discussed, and potentially changed, is the procedure for emergency backups. A situation like Ayres’ may never happen again which could make this card somewhat of a collectible.

For those that don’t know how Upper Deck e-Pack works, you can go online, buy, store, and trade Upper Deck collectibles. You can purchase and open packs, view and store your collection digitally, and at any time have those digital cards sent to you so that you have a physical version in your collection.

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