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Conspiracy Theory Brewing In Chicago Over Brent Seabrook Staying Behind

Is there something fishy going on in Chicago when it come to Brent Seabrook or is the defenseman dealing with nagging injuries?

One day after making Brent Seabrook a healthy scratch, the Chicago Blackhawks announced that veteran defenseman will not travel with his team to Winnipeg. The reported reason is that he’s dealing with some nagging injury issues and is staying behind to get looked at.

Really? Is that what’s going on here? Maybe, but there are some doubters out there.

It’s certainly possible Seabrook is getting some medical evaluations done while his team travels without him. That said, you can also see why there are more than a few questions about the timing of this announcement.

Comments are flooding social media about Chicago’s history with getting players retired early due to “mysterious” injury issues. And, while it may be completely coincidental or the earlier retirements of players like Marian Hossa could be completely on the up and up, in the eyes of the public, something seems fishy here.

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I’m not in a position to know nearly enough about Seabrook’s injuries to form my own conclusion. That said, I did hear the rumblings along with the reports that Seabrook wasn’t happy about being scratched. After all, they call it a “healthy scratch” not a “banged up and pulling him out of the lineup scratch.” Why then do this now?

Blackhawks head coach Jeremy Colliton said Seabrook has some things nagging him and decision was made to stay in Chicago and get them checked out. It doesn’t sound like anything big and maybe this whole story turns out to be something small as well. But, more than a few people are keeping their eyes on the situation and what gets announced as it relates to the defenseman everyone knows is on the back-nine of his NHL career and wildly overpaid for his current rate of production.

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