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Chris Jericho Wins Title Has New Look at NJPW Dominion

Chris Jericho debuts new look at Dominion show in NJPW.

Chris Jericho is always looking to prolong his career and reinvent himself. It’s one of the reasons he’s stayed so popular in wrestling even though he’s been a veteran of the sport for almost 30 years. But, his new look at Saturday’s NJPW Dominion show might be his most interesting look yet.

It’s an image that screams a little bit of Michael Jackson with a little bit of Clockwork Orange and a little bit of the Crow but it’s interesting and reactions are all over the map. Still, Jericho is not afraid to try new things and some of it sticks and some of it doesn’t. But, regardless of his look, Jericho came away from the show with a major prize.

At the show, Jericho captured the WGP Intercontinental Championship defeating the champion Tetsuya Naitovia pinfall. Jericho took the early advantage attacking his opponent before he entered the ring and drove him through a table. Naito suffered a brutal cut under this eye. The injuries led to Naito being unable to cover his opponent after hitting Destino and after Jericho distracted the ref, he hit the Codebreaker for the surprise win.

After the match, Jericho continued his attack on Naito until EVIL made the save which is suggesting that Jericho will defend his newly-won belt at the Cow Palace in the U.S.

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