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Canadiens’ Suzuki: Why Playing with Anderson and Drouin Is Perfect?

Nick Suzuki is playing on a line with Jonathan Drouin and Josh Anderson. The line is clicking. Why is that line so good together?

So far, so good. That’s the story with the Montreal Canadiens. In the video below, Canadiens’ forward Nick Suzuki discusses what’s been working so well for him and his linemates Jonathan Drouin and Josh Anderson. Obviously, their chemistry has allowed the three of them to come together very quickly – both in camp and at the start of the season.

Where Does the Line’s Chemistry Come From?

When asked where the chemistry between himself and Jonathan Drouin and Josh Anderson came from, Suzuki first spent some time talking about Drouin. He noted that both he and Drouin liked doing little plays in tight quarters.

Nick Suzuki, Montreal Canadiens

Neither were afraid to make passes in tight areas, because they both knew their partner was going to receive the pass and do something with it. In the offensive zone they do what the coaching staff calls a scissor play, where they just keep switching. It always helps that Suzuki and Drouin know where each other are on the ice.

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What Does Anderson Add to the Line?

Anderson adds to that line because he’s such a big guy who’s hard on the forecheck and always going to be around the net. He’s “just kind of a perfect fit for our line and the way we like to play.”

Suzuki watches his NHL Draft

So far so good for the threesome. The Canadiens are 2-0-1 starting the year in a touch North Division.

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