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No Pending Trade Despite Flames Making Bennett a Healthy Scratch

Despite news that the Calgary Flames are making Sam Bennett a healthy scratch, rumors of a pending trade are inaccurate.

Typically, when a player whose name is floating all around the NHL rumor mill is scratched from the lineup, it’s because a trade is coming. Perhaps there’s a front runner for or a pending call, but the tradition is to pull the player to avoid injury. In the case of Sam Bennett and the Calgary Flames, his sitting isn’t about a pending deal. He’s simply not playing.

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As per Darren Dreger on the most recent TSN Insider Trading segment, there is a great deal of talk that a Bennett trade could be in the works because the forward was made a healthy scratch as the Flames take on the Winnipeg Jets Thursday evening. The fact that Benning has played well in recent games only added fuel to the trade talk fires. However, Dreger says any reports of a deal being in the works are inaccurate.

Dreger says of Bennett being scratched: “It certainly amplifies the trade speculation across National Hockey League media bases, many wrongly assuming that a trade must be imminent.” He adds, “There is no front-burner trade for Sam Bennett at the moment, but a good amount of interest at this stage.”

Sam Bennett Calgary Flames trade rumors

The Canucks Are Out

One of the rumors was that the Vancouver Canucks might be a team interested in acquiring Bennett, but reports are the Canucks don’t have the pieces to get a deal done. It is believed the Flames would like a draft pick and that’s not an option for Vancouver, says TSN1040’s Rick Dhaliwal.

Dhaliwal says the Flames are asking for optimal value for Bennett and the Canucks simply aren’t in a position to offer that. “I was told the Canucks don’t have the assets to make a deal to get Sam Bennett”, said the reporter.

So, why is Bennett being scratched? That’s a good question that only head coach Geoff Ward might be able to answer; something he probably won’t do until after the game. Eric Francis of Sportnset believes the Bennett has finally communicated to the Flames that he would, in fact, like to be moved and for that reason, the Flames pulled him off the team’s top line and has decided to sit him.

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