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Calgary Flames To Fire Head Coach Bill Peters For Alleged Racist Slurs?

There are conflicting news reports that the Calgary Flames have fired head coach Bill Peters for racial slurs against Akim Aliu. What’s the news?

Here’s the latest news, and it looks as if the NHL is trying to make a wholesale clean-up in the wake of allegations that former Toronto Maple Leafs head coach Mike Babcock isn’t a nice guy at all. Perhaps there’s no link at all, but perhaps there is. In the wake of news that Babcock had asked Mitch Marner – then a rookie – to “rat out” his under-working teammates by making a list that ranked them from hard-working to laziest and then using that list to confront those teammates, another one likely bites the dust.

Specifically, conflicting reports suggest the Calgary Flames this morning have fired head coach Bill Peters because of allegations made by former player Akim Aliu on social media that Peters had used racial slurs when addressing Aliu.

On Monday night, Aliu alleged on Twitter that Peters had directed several racial slurs towards him during the time the two were together in the AHL. Aliu played for Peters when he was the head coach of the Rockford IceHogs (the Chicago Blackhawks AHL affiliate). Aliu played five games during the 2008-09 season and 48 games during the 2009-10 season.

Although Aliu didn’t mention Peters by name, he did refer to a “protégé” of Mike Babcock’s who was currently working in Calgary. That’s a list of one, because Peters served as Babcock’s assistant on Detroit’s bench for three years. That Aliu noted Babcock in his tweet suggests that the news about Babcock spurred Aliu to take action.

Not Fired Yet, But Probably Will Be

There are other reports that the firing announcement of Peters was a bit premature. That said, if he hasn’t been fired by the Flames, is there a situation where he makes it through all of this?

More than one person has backed Aliu’s claims, the PR the Flames and the NHL are receiving over this is not good and something has to be done. If nothing else, Peters has to be smart enough to walk away and resign his position as head coach.

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