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Bruins Players, Including Marchand, Have Hilarious Reaction To Botched Plays

Brad Marchand and another Bruins player have poked fun at his recent misplays in the NHL. The tweets are hilarious.

There’s not going to be much love lost for Brad Marchand around the NHL fan base. Still, you kind of have to feel for a guy who’s had two huge plays not go his way in the last week.

First, it was Monday night when he over skated the puck in a shootout and his team lost. It was ruled he made a play on the puck, it was considered an attempt and that was it. A must-score goal wasn’t even a shot and the Flyers had won.

On Thursday night, Marchand was at it again. In on a breakaway short-handed against the Pittsburgh Penguins, Marchand was in alone on Tristan Jarry and lost control of the puck.

Marchand has taken to Twitter and asked fans a serious question and for their help. “ATTENTION…hands have been lost or stolen, if found please return to TD Garden…thanks.”

Of course, that wasn’t the end of it. His teammates got in on the fun.

Torey Krug posted a gif of a tiny pair of hands clapping at Marchand. We’re not sure if he’s sarcastically clapping at his lack of finish or if he’s clapping at Marchand’s ability to poke fun at himself. Either way, it’s pretty hilarious.

If you asked the coach, he probably wouldn’t love the fact that Marchand missed two key plays that would have been difference-makers in the game. Fortunately for Marchand, the Bruins still won the game against the Penguins on Thursday so his coach probably isn’t too hot.

Marchand is among the league’s biggest pest but he’s quickly losing ground to a player like Matthew Tkachuk. And, with tweets like these, much of NHL Nation is slowing coming around on Marchand and realizing, maybe he’s not the jerk he’s developed a reputation for being.

… nah, he probably still is. He just knows when it’s time to poke fun at himself and when it’s time to be serious.

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