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Bruins Likely Make Big Ullmark or Swayman Move Next Off-Season

The Bruins will prioritize the Ullmark-Swayman tandem amidst roster upheaval, but next summer, one of these two likely goes.

The Boston Bruins’ unwavering commitment to their goaltending tandem, featuring Linus Ullmark and Jeremy Swayman, has garnered substantial attention, particularly against the backdrop of player losses attributed to free agency and retirement. The Bruins have already said goodbye to Taylor Hall, Tyler Bertuzzi, Dmitry Orlov, and Patrice Bergeron, among others, and a move to send out one of their star goalies could mean kissing their playoff chances goodbye.

The Bruins have seemingly made a strategic choice to keep their goaltending tandem intact and hope Ullmark and Swayman can be the solitary stronghold amidst a turbulent offseason that has shaken every other roster position.

Linus Ullmark Jeremy Swayman Bruins goaltending
Linus Ullmark Jeremy Swayman Bruins goaltending

All that said, as the current season unfolds, the outlook beyond remains uncertain. The combined 2023-24 cap hits for Ullmark and Swayman amount to $8.475 million, a factor that analysts predict could prompt a calculated move if Swayman’s salary escalates further. NBC Sports Boston’s Nick Goss delves into this intriguing scenario, presenting a plausible theory that one of these two will be traded next summer.

Goss writes, should Swayman’s trajectory solidify, propelling him to consistent top-10 goaltender status, the strategic release of Ullmark’s $5 million cap hit becomes a viable option. This freed capital could then be reallocated to address other critical positions, particularly the pressing need for a top-six center to fill the void left by players like Bergeron and potentially David Krejci.

Watch For a Major Move Next Off-Season

The narrative that one of these two netminders could be the Bruins’ big move next season seems logical especially as the team’s decision-making complexity heightens. Goss underscores the likelihood of trading Ullmark in the next offseason (not Swayman), facilitated by a higher salary cap and the prospect of just one more year remaining on his contract.

Until then, the Bruins are going to rely heavily on both netminders, hoping they can do more than steal the team a few games this coming season. The Bruins’ immediate focus remains unwavering in that they want to compete. The only way to do it is with the best goaltending in the NHL. Once this season is ove, win or lose, the real shakeups at that position likely begin.

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