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Blackhawks Might Have a Way to Move Seabrook’s Contract [Report]

It seems far fetched, but do the Chicago Blackhawks actually have an opportunity to move Brent Seabrook’s contract?

If you asked any fans, media members or general mangers which NHL contract might be among the most difficult for a team to move in today’s NHL landscape, Brent Seabrook’s deal in Chicago would make more than a few lists. The idea that any team would want to take on a $6.875 million player whose production continues to drop and injuries be a factor in his future, is a reach. And, when you consider a team would be taking that deal on for four additional seasons, it seems near impossible.

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But, according to Blackhawks insider and The Athletic contributor Mark Lazerus, he’s not convinced the Blackhawks have run out of options. Specifically, he’s noting that the organization might have an opportunity present itself when it comes to bringing the 32nd team into the NHL, the Seattle Kraken.

Noting that Chicago and Seattle might be able to swing an agreement that would allow the Blackhawks to move Seabrook’s deal (or at least a big chunk of it), Lazerus admits that Seabrook’s no-move-clause could be problematic since one source said he’s not inclined to waive it. But, that same source said Seattle might be an option since Seattle is close to Seabrook’s home in British Columbia, and he might welcome such a challenge.

How Would Chicago Sell It to Seattle?

There might be a sales pitch needed, but Lazerus wonders how tricky a sale it might actually be. He suggests that Kraken GM Ron Francis is interested in or potentially already feeling pressure to add veteran leadership and former Stanley Cup Champions to their locker room. 

Blackhawks' Brent Seabrook
Blackhawks’ Brent Seabrook Won’t Join Team in Edmonton

If Chicago can find a way to convince Seattle that Seabrook is one of those guys, there may be a deal in the making. Seabrook himself says he’s got lots left in him and believes he can still contribute. He said in July, “I want to come back and not just be a good player for the Blackhawks, I want to be a great player in the league.” If he says the same thing to Seattle, maybe they take a chance.

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