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Asking Price is First Round Pick-Plus For Taylor Hall

What is the asking price for Taylor Hall and are there any teams willing to pay it?

Almost everyone believes Taylor Hall will eventually be traded out of New Jersey. The question now is, ‘What will it take to acquire him and who is leading the charge?’

We’d previously discussed the Colorado Avalanche as early favorites but there are at least six other teams in the conversation which means the Devils should have a chance to take home a pretty nice package should they move the left-winger. Early reports are the asking price from Devils’ GM Ray Shero is steep. Is anyone willing to pay it?

What Teams Can and Can’t Afford Hall?

Elliotte Friedman noted reports are the organization wants a first-rounder for Hall, at the very least. There might be some room to negotiate but if a team isn’t coming to the table with a first-rounder, they need to include prospects as or more valuable.

Friedman writes:

The Devils have made it clear they want first-rounders (although they are willing to discuss conditional situations, depending on the acquiring team’s ability to re-sign Hall or playoff results) and/or high-level prospects who are ready to play. They badly need defence, which is why there’s a lot of focus on Colorado as the perfect trade partner.

As Friedman notes, the Colorado Avalanche have already been reported as early favorites and he adds they have plenty of defensive prospects and the mentality they can compete this season. They are a team to watch as most insiders feel the fit is near perfect.

Other teams that might make a pitch are the Arizona Coyotes, Dallas Stars and St. Louis Blues, with a team like the Edmonton Oilers keenly interested, but not willing to move a first-round choice to make it happen.

If a signed Hall was coming to Edmonton, would the Oilers move a combination of prospects like Caleb Jones, Tyler Benson and a later-round pick? Maybe. Again, Hall would need to be signed if the Oilers were going to give up two prospects they have a lot of belief in.

Salary Cap Issues for Teams

There is also the question or whether or not Hall is a rental or a long-term fit? In Colorado, short-term is likely all they can afford to do without sacrificing other pieces. The same goes for the Oilers.

There are teams like San Jose, Dallas, St. Louis and others who can barely afford Hall now, so as much as they might be in the conversation, how likely is it they’re true players?

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