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Are Maple Leafs Considering Tyson Barrie Trade?

Could the Maple Leafs be looking at trade options that would include Tyson Barrie being moved?

This just in from TSN, “With a lot of the marquee defenceman already off the Trade Bait board, the Maple Leafs have been receiving calls for Tyson Barrie.”

Bob McKenzie said, the Toronto Maple suffered two disastrous losses which made their playoff hopes look bleak. And, when other defensemen started coming off the trade board, the team started getting calls from other franchises asking if a player like Barrie would be available.

“When those teams called, the Leafs basically told them, ‘Ya, you know what? We would consider it under the right set of circumstances,'” said McKenzie.

One thing McKenzie did note is that the Leafs are not interested in selling off Barrie for future considerations as would be how most typical rental trades might go. Either the Maple Leafs need to get a defenseman coming back that makes them better now so they’re chances of making the playoffs aren’t completely lost, or they need to get picks and prospects they can immediately flip for help at the right-shot d-man spot they’re trying to fill.

There are said to be a few teams interested and among them are the Vancouver Canucks, where there is coincidentally a lot of talk surrounding defenseman Troy Stecher. Stecher carries at $2.325 million cap hit and becomes an RFA next season.

So How Likely is a Barrie Trade?

Needless to say, a Barrie move is unlikely but it is possible. It just goes to show what types of deals teams are currently looking at with salary cap issues and a lack of options available on the trade market now. Specifically for the Maple Leafs, it shows they’re willing to turn over every rock and aren’t totally sure where they sit with only a few days to go before the trade deadline passes.

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