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Anaheim Ducks Willing to Take On NHL Teams’ Money Problems

The Anaheim Ducks are ready to buy other teams’ bad contracts and help them clear salary space. But, what teams might be looking and what has to be offered?

‘Have money will trade.’

That should be the sign being held by a bunch of sign flippers hired by the Anaheim Ducks in cities like Arizona, Vegas, Philadelphia, Buffalo, Florida, Toronto or anywhere else NHL teams are wondering how they’ll improve their rosters before the NHL Trade Deadline with little or no cap room to do so.

Some teams have no cap space and aren’t near the playoffs. They won’t need the Ducks help. Some teams are in a playoff race but have room to work with (the Colorado Avalanche.) They won’t need Anaheim’s help either. But, teams that have holes but no money with which to go out and fill those holes should have Ducks GM Bob Murray on speed dial.

According to Sportsnet insider Elliotte Friedman, the Anaheim Ducks are making it known they’ll take your bad contracts or money problems. They’re just going to ask for a hefty kicker to do so.

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Why the Ducks Are Buying

The Ducks season has not been a good one in terms of expectations or playoff aspirations. As a result, they wouldn’t typically be buyers heading into a trade deadline. That said, the type of buying they’ll be doing is different than what most teams.

While other franchises are looking for that playoff piece that helps when it matters most, the Ducks are looking for young prospects or to add to their draft pick pool. They’re willing to buy your crappy contract to get those assets.

Friedman reports that the team is willing to take on bad salary and they have a ton of room in which to absorb it. And, if they want more, all they need to do is place Ryan Kesler and Patrick Eaves on long-term injured reserve. Therefore, if a potential contender wants to add but lacks the money to do so, the Ducks will take your player, give you the room to work but want you to make it worth their while.

But, don’t waste Anaheim’s time either. With 47 out of the possible 50 slots their allowed for player contracts, Anaheim can essentially take on two or three players at most. If you’re going to be calling Murray, you better have a worthwhile proposal in mind, because if you don’t he’ll help out your competitor and that’s liked getting kicked while your team is already down.

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