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Anaheim Ducks Make Controversial Decision, Waive Kiefer Sherwood

In what has to be considered odd timing, the Anaheim Ducks have placed forward Kiefer Sherwood on waivers, according to TSN’s Pierre LeBrun.

In what has to be considered odd timing, the Anaheim Ducks have placed forward Kiefer Sherwood on waivers, according to TSN’s Pierre LeBrun. Sherwood hadn’t played much in the NHL, seeing only 10 games and potting one assist, so his demotion isn’t odd news. But, with both the NHL and AHL being shut down, why now is a question worth asking.

Unfortunately, the answer appears to be to save money as this is seemingly an economic move, whereby Keifer now gets paid his AHL salary rather than his NHL salary.

The Athletic’s James Mirtle posted the news and said, “No, I’m not sure why.”

When asked if this was a move by the Ducks to save money, Mirtle’s response was, “Has to be.”

This then begs the question, ‘Why aren’t rosters frozen right now?’

Ducks May Take Some Heat For This

The Ducks will surely see fans and insiders argue both sides of this debate. Some will suggest that during a time of crisis, to waive a player and ensure he gets paid much less than he would as an NHL’er is pretty heartless. This is especially true in light of the fact that NHL owners were told by the league to ensure players received the remainders of their salaries. Others will argue this is a move that make financial sense and that Sherwood is likely to remain on the NHL roster and then be reassigned to San Diego immediately if play resumes. They’ll suggest Anaheim is just trying to stay ahead.

If nothing else, this decision by the Ducks will get a lot of attention with little to talk about in the NHL these days. It may be the most scrutinized waiver decision in history.

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