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Am I Wrong, or Is This the Best NHL Hockey Commercial Ever Filmed?

What was the best NHL hockey commercial ever filmed?

Well, it isn’t as if you’re playing in the Swedish Hockey League where the uniforms are filled with advertisements. I happen to like the look, and it does help pay the bills; however, the NHL hasn’t gone that far.

Still, there are a number of corporate sponsors that regularly pay for the right to advertise NHL players’ images on hockey cards and other items. For example, Tim Hortons – season after season – offers regular issues of hockey cards. The sets are never large, but for collectors, they represent another opportunity to expand their collections.

McDonald’s had also for many seasons put out its own version of hockey cards by partnering with another sportscard company – Pacific when it existed or Upper Deck – to also release hockey cards.

But it’s not only hockey cards that have been created and advertised. One of the greatest – funniest and most creative – television commercials was McDonald’s mini-stick commercial of 2008. For those who haven’t seen it, let’s take a trip 12 seasons back in time to take a look.

It isn’t often that a television commercial is the stuff of greatness, but in my mind this one is. We are hope you’ve enjoyed this look into the past.

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