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3 Things Make Maple Leafs Matthews an Unstoppable Force

The Toronto Maple Leafs have one of the best players in NHL history – Auston Matthews. What makes him such an unstoppable force on the ice?

The Toronto Maple Leafs head into the 2022-23 season as one of the favorites among the betters to win this year’s Stanley Cup. The team’s best player is Auston Matthews.

Matthews is an incredgifted NHL player. And, he’s only 24 years old. He could already be the Maple Leafs’ best player ever. But what makes him such an unstoppable force on the ice?

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Quick Hit One: Why Auston Matthews Won’t Be Stopped

Matthews could he be the best player in the NHL? Given the hardware on his trophy shelf, perhaps he’s already close. Already, he’s won Hart Trophy and Ted Lindsay Award last season. He also set the Maple Leafs’ franchise record by scoring 60 goals and accumulating 106 points last season. 

Three Things Make Auston Matthews a Great Player

Three things make him great. First, he’s big and strong. Those two gifts he was born with and has developed further through his physical activity. Second, he’s hugely skilled. Few NHL players have ever had the kind of skills that Matthews possesses. Third, and finally, he’s an absolutely hard-working player.

Not happy to be just “good enough,” Matthews wants to become the best. You can just tell by watching him compete.

Auston Matthews, Maple Leafs (Rookie Card)

Skills when undeveloped simply stagnate. Matthews’ skills have developed because he’s been working hard at developing them. Seems simple enough, right? Individual skills develop when individuals develop them.


Maple Leafs’ Assistant Coach Manny Manholtra Lauds Matthews’ Work Ethic

In a Toronto Sun article yesterday, Maple Leafs’ assistant coach Manny Malhotra was happy to spin positively about Matthews and shared a few reasons why he believes Matthews is such an amazing player. But the biggest reason is that he simply works so hard at his craft. (from “Maple Leafs assistant coach Manny Malhotra praises Auston Matthews’ work ethic,” Terry Koshan, Toronto Sun, 14/09/2022).

Malhotra had these things to say in summarizing Matthews’ as a player. “He is, obviously, an extremely talented player.”

Manny Malhotra, now Maple Leafs Assistant Coach

However, Malhotra didn’t stop there. The Toronto assistant coach added: “But for me, it’s the work that a lot of you guys don’t see. It’s behind-the-scenes work, the extra stuff, his commitment to improving his craft, improving his shot.”

Matthews Is Also Growing as an On-Ice Leader

But perhaps the thing that impressed Malhotra, who’s been with the Maple Leafs for the past two seasons, is that Matthews has grown as a leader.

Malhotra shared that “Seeing him (Matthews) grow into more of a leadership role, it has been incredible to watch.”

Malhotra is clearly impressed. His final statement about Matthews was: “I feel very privileged to be around that type of player.”

Obviously, as a leader, you don’t let your team down. That’s obviously a fourth reason.

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