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10 Reasons Adam Lowry Is an Ideal Captain for the Winnipeg Jets

The Winnipeg Jets just named their new captain – Adam Lowry. Why is he such a good choice for the position?

Choosing a captain for any NHL team is important. The team needs to assess several qualities and attributes to move it in the right direction. In the case of the Winnipeg Jets, the choice of center Adam Lowry as the team’s next captain is a decision that makes perfect sense for the team. In fact, there are a number of reasons why, the choice of Lowry is such a good one.

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Lowry Seems the Perfect Choice as the Jets’ Captain

In the video below, Jets’ coach Rick Bowness weighs in on why Lowry is the perfect choice to lead the Jets. Although there were, as the video notes, a number of good choices, those involved in the decision-making process landed on Lowry. Bowness rattled off a number of attributes, including leadership, character, and a willingness to stick up for his teammates.

Ten Reasons Lowry Is a Great Choice to Be Winnipeg’s Captain

Adam Lowry embodies the qualities that make him an excellent choice for the Winnipeg Jets’ captaincy. He’s a workhorse, not a flashy goal-scorer; a player who’ll engage in fisticuffs when necessary but won’t net 40, or even 30, or even 20 goals. Still, there are several reasons why he was seen as the right fit for the role:

Reason One: Lowry Has Exceptional Character and Leadership

Lowry’s character has earned him high praise from his coach, teammates, and others within the organization. The leadership group believed that he leads by example and displays integrity. He also shows professionalism and a strong work ethic. His commitment to the team’s success sets a positive tone for the entire locker room.

Reason Two: Lowry Has an Unwavering Work Ethic

Lowry’s relentless work ethic is the cornerstone of his leadership style. He is reputed to approach each day with a professional mindset, consistently putting in the effort needed to excel in his role. His dedication to improving and helping his team succeed is unwavering. He’s a great role model.

Naturally, this decision follows a season in which the Jets operated without a captain, and the one they had before wasn’t always known for putting in the most work. Bowness determined that having Blake Wheeler at the helm was no longer the team’s optimal choice. Lowry is a very different breed of player.

Reason Three: Lowry Has a Competitive Spirit

Lowry’s competitive nature is an invaluable asset. He approaches every game determined to win. By doing so, he sets a standard for the kind of competitiveness that his teammates should try to emulate. His drive to succeed pushes the team to play harder.

Bowness called him, “The first guy to stick up for his teammates. He added, “His role is different. He’s not the top-line centre. But regardless of his minutes and role, he’s dominant in what he brings to the table… his importance to the team is at that level of your best players.”

Reason Four: Lowry Is a Protector of Teammates

As mentioned by his coach, Lowry is one of the first players to stick up for his teammates. This willingness to defend and support his fellow players fosters strong relationships and trust within the team. It also sends a clear message that the Jets will continue to be a tight-knit group that looks out for one another.

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Reason Five: Lowry Is an Effective Communicator

Lowry’s ability to communicate effectively is a vital part of building team cohesion. The captain’s job is to bridge gaps between players, coaches, and management. Lowry will work to ensure that everyone in the organization is on the same page. His excellent communication skills facilitate a positive and collaborative team environment.

In fact, he talked a lot with Bowness about the decision before the coach made it. “Yeah, I had to give it some thought,” he said. “It’s not a light decision. You don’t want to just make it on a whim and out of pure excitement. It’s a huge honour to know that management, coaching staff and your teammates have the belief in you that you are the right guy. The guy to steady the ship when things don’t necessarily go our way, or when we hit some difficult patches throughout the season.”

Reason Six: Lowry Is Low Maintenance

Bowness describes Lowry as “low maintenance.” By doing so, he highlights Lowry’s reliability and consistency. A captain should set a standard of professionalism and dedication others can follow. Lowry is dependable. That approach to his role makes him a great model for his teammates.

“It wasn’t something that I thought was necessarily attainable,” he said. “Going to bed (Monday) night, knowing it was going to be announced, it almost felt like a dream.” In other words, Lowry is just grateful to be considered. He figured he was flying under the radar, that’s how low-maintenance he is.

Reason Seven: Lowry Has Respect Within the League

Lowry has earned respect both within his own organization and throughout the NHL. His reputation as a leader and competitor makes him respected around the NHL. This respect only helps solidify his ability to represent the team effectively.

Reason Eight: Lowry Creates a Smooth Transition from Previous Captaincy

Lowry’s appointment as captain came after the team decided to transition leadership from Blake Wheeler. This change in leadership brings in a new era for the Jets, and Lowry’s qualities align well with the team’s goals for establishing this transition. Lowry’s task is to carry on the team’s strong tradition of strong leadership is essential for continuity.

Reason Nine: Lowry Has the Unanimous Confidence of the Jets’ Leadership Group

The decision to make Lowry the captain only came after careful consideration and consultation with staff and management. The result was unanimous. That means that Lowry has the confidence of the entire organization in his ability to lead. In a nutshell, it speaks about his suitability for the role. It suggests that Lowry possesses all the qualities necessary to guide the team effectively.

Reason Ten: Lowry Is Solid in Sharing Organizational Goals and Values

The choice of Lowry as captain simply fits the organization’s objectives. He both symbolizes the team’s values and culture as well as represents a forward-looking approach to leadership. The decision reflects the team’s commitment to achieving success on and off the ice.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is that Lowry’s appointment to be the Jets’ captain was a well-considered choice from the team’s leadership group. That choice recognized his character, work ethic, competitiveness, and leadership qualities.

The organization believes Lowry has the potential to lead the Jets to new heights. His inherent attributes simply made him the right choice to be a role model both within the organization and throughout the NHL.

Good luck to Lowry as he embraces this important job within the organization.

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