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Rumors of Maple Leafs Buying Out T.J. Brodie Causes Stir

There is chatter the Toronto Maple Leafs might consider buying out T.J. Brodie. Is this the right play to make to upgrade the defense?

Speculation is swirling in the NHL rumor mill regarding the Toronto Maple Leafs’ potential buyout of defenseman T.J. Brodie. Insider Frank Seravalli raised mentioned this as a possibility, suggesting that such a move could offer the Leafs significant salary cap relief. His co-host, Jason Gregor thought it was a fascinating example of a unique buyout situation because the Leafs would immediately save $5 million, but face a $2.5 million charge in the 2024-2025 season. Even TSN’s Craig Button suggested that the idea afforded the Maple Leafs with the flexibility to scour the blue line market and “change the mix” in Toronto. However, The moment the idea was mentioned, fans flocked to social media to share their thoughts. Not many seemed to like the idea.

Is Brodie a player the Leafs can’t win with? By dumping his salary in a buyout, the team would essentially be positioning for an upgrade in either the trade market or in free agency, using the $5 million saved to get what they need. Names like Brett Pesce could be available out of Carolina, or the Leafs could try to sign Dmitry Orlov in free agency. Without the Brodie buyout, it’s hard to make these moves.

Do the Maple Leafs Need an Upgrade Over Brodie?

Brodie’s skill set and role on the team have come under scrutiny, especially with a poorer showing in the playoffs this year. Many doubt his ability as a top two. Still, the consensus is that he’s a valuable 3-4 defenseman, and the Leafs would need to know they have a better player coming in for most fans to get behind this move.

Critics argue that Brodie’s statistical performance disproves the need for a buyout. His supporters argue that he excels as a penalty killer and that he’s a steady presence on the back end. The Leafs defense is an area of weakness already, so removing him from the equation only makes the team weaker in that regard. But, if there’s a player on the Leafs radar that makes sense, is it a worthwhile gamble? The $5 million does a lot this season and the $2.5 million cap hit next season is manageable with an increase in the salary cap.

The Leafs Would Be Better Off Making a Trade

If Toronto is hell-bent on moving Brodie, fans would be more understanding if a trade was the way he left the organization. Many believe there are takers out there for his contract and with only one season remaining on his deal, if the Leafs don’t have to retain much to move him, that seems to be the better option.

T.J. Brodie speculation out of Toronto

What Brodie would fetch in return is not known. There could be a strong market for the player and there might not be based on how he fared in the postseason.

As the speculation continues, it remains to be seen whether the Leafs will indeed pursue a buyout of T.J. Brodie or explore alternative avenues to bolster their defense. Fans eagerly anticipate further developments, hoping that any decision made by General Manager Brad Treliving will serve the team’s best interests and provide a clear path to improvement.

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