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Are Canucks Struggling Because They Think Coach Green Is Leaving?

Are the recent struggles in Vancouver telling of an underlying concern that the Canucks’ coach might be leaving the organization?

Travis Green Vancouver Canucks

Rightfully so, there is a lot of concern in Vancouver. The Canucks look disjointed and out of sync and with the losses piling up, the season is quickly slipping away from them. But, it might be more than just a lack of talent or the exodus of key players during the offseason that is causing all of their issues.

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While it’s fair to argue the Canucks lost some key pieces, moving forward without Tyler Toffoli, Chris Tanev and Jacob Markstrom shouldn’t have equated to such a huge drop-off when you consider the team replaced those players with Nate Schmidt and Braden Holtby. The Canucks have plenty of firepower on offense and while Toffoli has been lighting it up for the Canadiens, that Vancouver is looking like a completely different team is hard to explain.

Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman offered his take in his recent 31 Thoughts article and said, “I can’t help but wonder if Travis Green being in the last year of his contract contributes to the overall malaise.” He added, “The players saw some critical pieces leave in a similar scenario — do they think the same about their coach?”

Friedman cited Quinn Hughes recent comments that the Canucks lost a lot of players and hinted it could be a reason for their struggles, but Friedman wonders if Hughes comments speak more to the idea that maybe the coach is next. Perhaps it is less about who has already left and more about who might be leaving. Perhaps there’s a feeling in the back of the player’s minds that because Green was not signed out of the gate to start the season means the writing is on the wall.

Vancouver Canucks NHL camp – news and rumors

Friedman also noted that Holtby’s behavior is odd. This is not a goaltender who tends to throw anyone under the bus, but his stare-down of the Canucks’ bench in a recent loss is telling. Friedman notes:

…”that’s really surprising, and an indication of how sideways everything’s gone. Something’s missing, particularly the cohesion/camaraderie that was part of their victories over Minnesota and St. Louis last summer.”

Canucks Need to Wrap Their Heads Around This Problem

The reality is, the Canucks should not be this bad. No doubt, the losses of the players who left did hurt, but this team and the players on it should be playing better all around hockey than they are.

Whether it takes signing the coach to an extension or moving out the general manager, the unrest is destroying the season and quickly. Losers of five-straight games, something needs to light a fire under this team. What that is?… that’s yet to be determined.

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