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Senators Likely to Flip Vladimir Tarasenko Ahead of Trade Deadline

With the way the team has struggled this season, the Ottawa Senators are likely to flip Vladimir Tarasenko ahead of the NHL Trade Deadline.

Amidst the struggles of the Ottawa Senators this season, trade rumors are swirling around Vladimir Tarasenko. The forward holds a full no-trade clause and carries a $5 million cap hit. Despite these constraints, there’s speculation that the Senators, grappling with a tumultuous season and recent managerial changes, may entertain the idea of moving the talented forward before the NHL Trade Deadline. He could make for an intriguing rental option for a contender.

The departure of General Manager Pierre Dorion has added to the uncertainty surrounding the team, potentially making Tarasenko a deadline rental for the second consecutive year. It’s evident that the Russian winger won’t be donning an Ottawa jersey next season; it took him far too long to sign in the first place to think he’s married to the franchise. More than likely, he’ll be seeking a contract beyond the Senators’ $5 million threshold. And, Tarasenko’s stellar on-ice performance is positioning him for a more lucrative deal. It’s a demand the Senators might not be willing to meet.

Vladimir Tarasenko Senators trade talk

Former Senator Bobby Ryan, in a recent podcast interview, emphasized the pragmatic business approach. He stated, “You’re at the point where you have your core, and you don’t want to fill it out with guys that are 32 and 33 if you’re planning on making the playoffs.” Ryan’s perspective aligns with the notion that Tarasenko’s future with the team hinges on their playoff prospects. He added, “He came here for a year, he’s going to give you some offense. If you’re in a playoff position you keep him, if you’re not you flip him. That’s just how it goes, that’s the business side of it.”

Senators Shouldn’t Need Too Long to Figure Out Their Next Move With Tarasenko

The intricate dance between performance, financial considerations, and the team’s trajectory adds complexity to the decision-making process. For the Senators, this season has not gone the way they expected. Adding Tarasenko was meant to be a piece that could help get them too, and perform in the postseason. If they aren’t going to be there, what’s the point in having him?

Should Ottawa barely secure a playoff spot, Tarasenko’s pivotal role may lead to a hefty contract demand. That would only further complicate the Senators’ stance on retaining him. The more likely play is that the team talks to him about his wishes and starts to call around in the new year.

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