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Proposed Marner Trade Scenario Between Leafs and Predators Would Be Big

A proposed trade between the Maple Leafs and Predators could be a huge win for both teams, if Marner agrees to move.

As far as trade suggestions and theories go, none may be more impactful for both teams than one proposed by The Fourth Period’s David Pagnotta. He suggested the two teams could get together on a deal, where the key pieces would be Mitch Marner and Juuse Saros. The Preds would get the forward they want and the Leafs a top-notch goalie.

Pagnotta writes:

I have a hard time believing Tavares will waive his no-movement clause, but I’m not convinced that is the same case for Marner. Speaking with those close to his camp, the belief is he would, and should, consider alternative options if the Leafs seek a trade. And no, the Leafs are not going to move him for a package surrounded by future assets. If they go down this road, and teams have already poked around, it’s a talent-for-talent swap.

The Predators, meanwhile, have been rumored to be looking at trade options for Saros. GM Barry Trotz says his intention is to sign Saros, but the team has Yaroslav Askarov waiting for the starting job and moving Saros might be the best course of action.

Mitch Marner Juuse Saros trade rumor

Both players are in similar situations. Marner, with one year remaining on his contract, has been the subject of trade talks following the Maple Leafs’ postseason disappointment. Pagnotta argues that a move for Marner would address the Predators’ need for firepower upfront. Saros also has one year remaining and could be expendable. The Predators would have plenty of cap space in which to add Marner’s deal and they could afford to re-sign him to a $12 million extension, should they so choose.

What Does Saros Do to Joseph Woll?

The immediate question in Toronto would be what happens to Joseph Woll. It is unlikely that Ilya Samsonov will return, but the Leafs have expressed their faith in Woll as a legitimate NHL goalie. That leaves two choices. Either the Leafs bring Saros in to work in tandem with Woll or they bring in Saros knowing it could be temporary, or he is signed to a 1B role after next season.

The idea of a tandem might make sense, especially after Treliving’s comments about Woll’s injury history. If the netminder has trouble staying healthy, Toronto will want and probably need someone who can fill in when Woll goes down.

This Trade Would Include Several Pieces

A trade of this size doesn’t likely just involve Marner and Saros. Multiple pieces would be a part of the trade, and conversations would need to be had with both stars before a deal goes through. If the Predators are trading for Marner, they’ll likely want to know if he’s got an interest in staying.

If the Maple Leafs are moving Marner and adding Saros, they’ll want to know what an extension for Saros might look like and if they can afford his new contract, and re-sign Woll as an RFA in 2026. Ballparking the cost of that tandem avoids the Leafs falling into another trap where too much money is tied up into too few players.

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