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McDavid With Shocking Update On Injury From Cross-Check to Face

Connor McDavid spoke with the media on Monday, offering an update on his injury situation after a nasty cross-check to the face.

Incredibly, Connor McDavid said, “I feel great,” when asked by media on Monday how he’s feeling after taking a cross-check to the back and the face at the end of Game 3 versus the Vancouver Canucks. Laughing off his comments when the media wanted an injury update, he noted that it’s a tough game and it is something that just happens in a heated series. He’s fine and it doesn’t sound like he’s feeling any ill effects from the play, nor will he miss time.

McDavid wouldn’t comment on the cross-check because the NHL is still looking at it. The Department of Player Safety is ruling on their hearing with Carson Soucy this afternoon and news of any possible suspension will be revealed later in the day.

McDavid was on the receiving end of an ugly cross-check after an exchange with Soucy where the Canucks defenseman pushed him, McDavid responded with a retaliatory slash, and Soucy then double-hand cross-checked him in the face as he was going down from a simultaneous cross-check from Nikita Zadorov. McDavid popped back up immediately and got in the scrum, but he was likely inches away from being seriously injured.

McDavid Likes the Physicality Of This Series With Canucks

As odd as it might seem to take punishment like that from the opposition, McDavid enjoys that style of play. “They play a physical brand of hockey and it’s fun to be a part of,” McDavid said. “It’s a fun series to be a part of, obviously two Canadian teams going at it, lot of passion.”

Connor McDavid injury update after cross-check

Even if McDavid were feeling sore from the hit, he’s not about to let the Canucks know it. The best thing he can do is act like he’s not only not deterred, but that he’s totally OK with it. The response now needs to come from Edmonton. They either have to make the Canucks pay for taking penalties, or they need to dish out a little punishment themselves, something they’ve not really done to date in the series. When asked if the Oilers have done enough physically to match the Canucks, McDavid said the Oilers would rather challenge their big defensemen by using their speed and forcing the Canucks to use their legs, using their sticks on the forecheck, and tilting the series based on skill.

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