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Maple Leafs to Make Big Roster Add that Will “Get Everyone Excited”

Chris Johnston dropped a hint that the Toronto Maple Leafs will add an impact player this offseason that will surprise fans.

Thanks to Chris Johnston from Sportsnet, there’s a lot of buzz in Toronto right now that the team might be making a big move this offseason and adding a considerable player that could change the makeup of the team, giving them a new face with a lot of potential.

Johnston mentioned on the Steve Dangle podcast that Toronto will make at least one move for a big-name player. He said, “There’s going to be like one player on this roster on opening night that is going to get everyone excited. I’m talking like a big name, a big promise player and no ones gonna see it coming,” Who that player is was not made clear, but there were some hints dropped.

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Apparently, this player is from a team that missed the playoffs. they are on an American-based team, and they have multiple years left on their contract. Early speculation from people who saw/listened to the podcast think Travis Konecny and Evander Kane.

Travis Konecny Philadelphia Flyers NHL

Leafs Adding Even More Skill?

How the Leafs add this will be interesting. Johnston also said that he didn’t think the Leafs would trade any of their big names and as the saying goes, you have to give to get. If John Tavares, William Nylander, Mitch Marner or Auston Matthews doesn’t go, there are few players on this roster the team can move to add the piece Johnston is hinting at. Does that mean Morgan Reilly is the move? Johnston didn’t think so either.

Johnston said they need to find a way to add better players. Whatever they try to do, they need to find a way. Johnston was asked about Dougie Hamilton and he said not to rule it out, but again, salary is a problem. Johnston says the Leafs will move away from a bit of the grit they added this past offseason and lean towards even more skill.

His advice was, be the team that you are and try to be the team that no one can contain.

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