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Jim Little’s Firing in Ottawa Linked to Allegations of Domestic Abuse

Reports are surfacing out of Ottawa that Jim Little’s firing as CEO had much more to do with domestic abuse allegations than a couple of bad words.

The story of Jim Little being fired has taken an interesting and disturbing turn. When Little was fired by the Ottawa Senators, just two months after being hired, the Senators simply said he’d violated the code of conduct policy of the team. Little later released a statement saying he was terminated because he got into a heated phone conversation with team owner Eugene Melnyk where he used questionable language.

Reports are now surfacing, likely to refute Little’s statement, that, while his termination was linked to the phone call on Valentines Day, there was far more to it. In fact, they suggested it represented a pattern of behaviour, one they discovered when they found online posts from Little’s former spouse.

Apparently, the team discovered that Little’s former wife published online accounts alleging abusive behaviour during her marriage to the former CEO. The National Post has detailed a report that the Senators did an exhaustive investigation of Little’s history after the phone call, discovered the blog posts from his ex and decided to terminate him after heavy consideration. It wasn’t simply because he used a bad word or two.

Included in Little’s ex’s online posts, she claims, “While there were signs of insecurity and controlling tendencies early in our relationship, I told myself the good far outweighed the bad.” As time went on, things got worse.

She claims she was the victim of extreme control, along with psychological and at times, physical abuse. Little is disputing those claims and his attorney has noted that they are now pursuing legal action against the Senators and that her blog posts are nothing more than an attempt to damage his reputation.

“Given that litigation is imminent, Mr. Little will not be making further public statements regarding these matters at this time,” his attorney said. A comment from the team stated, “The Senators stand by the dismissal and will vigorously defend its circumstances in court, as needed,” Gagnier said.

Smith declined to discuss the contents of her articles.

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