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How Are the Oilers Getting Cap Compliant?: 4 Possible Options

How are the Edmonton Oilers going to get salary cap compliant before the 2024-25 NHL season? Here are four possible options.

As the Edmonton Oilers navigate the salary cap constraints this offseason, they are currently $354K above the limit and still need to secure contracts for RFAs Philip Broberg and Dylan Holloway. Potential offer sheet threats are out there for these two players, but the odds of that are low. Still, if the Oilers want to keep both players, they’ll need to make room and that could involve demoting others, trades, or LTIR. All the while, there is more work to do for the team to get cap-compliant.

The Oilers’ cap issue, while not insurmountable, demands attention. Here are four potential solutions:

Evander Kane Trade or LTIR:

One of the major moves the Oilers could consider involves Evander Kane. Various injuries hampered his recent performance, but if Kane can stay healthy, it would be beneficial to keep him. If Kane is unable to return to full health, placing him on Long-Term Injured Reserve (LTIR) could provide the necessary cap relief. This approach would allow the Oilers to temporarily exceed the cap while Kane recovers, offering some breathing room to manage other contracts.

Jeff Jackson could trade or placed Evander Kane on LTIR for the Oilers

Meanwhile, there is talk that the Oilers might be looking to trade Kane. Rumors at the NHL Draft were that he might have been asked to waive his no-trade clause (those rumors were shot down), but that doesn’t necessarily mean the Oilers won’t ask. They could be thinking about it.

Cody Ceci Trade:

Another significant option is trading defenseman Cody Ceci. While appearing with Bob Stauffer of Oilers Now, NHL insider Frank Seravalli of Daily Faceoff said there is 100% a trade market for the blueliner. At $3.25 million, Ceci’s cap hit is substantial for a team with limited space.

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His performance has been inconsistent, raising questions about whether the Oilers could utilize his cap space more effectively. Finding an upgrade won’t be easy considering the market is drained of really effective free agents. Still, trading Ceci could free up funds to secure other players and address cap issues.

Waiving and Demoting Players:

The Oilers might also consider placing players like Derek Ryan and Josh Brown on waivers and demoting them to the AHL. This move would free up the necessary money to become cap-compliant, but few would argue this makes the team better. This would be a temporary fix, even if it is the easiest of all the solutions.

Another Unexpected Trade:

Beyond Ceci, the Oilers could look at trading someone like Brett Kulak. Looking at the forward group, Kane is the only player who stands out as a possible trade fit. The Oilers won’t move a goaltender and on defense, it would be hard to trade Darnell Nurse. That leaves Kulak, who has a cap hit of $2.75 million and could also provide the necessary relief.

This would involve careful consideration as he’s a good value for Edmonton. He often plays beyond his contract and it would be difficult for the Oilers to find a better, more versatile player for the money.

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