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Flames and Markstrom To Have Sitdown About Future With Team

The Calgary Flames and goaltender Jacob Markstrom will have a sitdown meeting about his future with the team after the season ends.

NHL insider Frank Seravalli is reporting that Calgary Flames GM Craig Conroy said he’ll be talking to goaltender Jacob Markstrom after the season about his future. The idea behind the sitdown meeting is to get a sense of where Markstrom is at after a turbulent trade deadline and with the Flames having made numerous moves to reshape their roster. If Markstrom wants to move on and explore a trade, the Flames will presumably try to accommodate him.

“We need to sit down and talk,” Conroy said. “I need to see where Marky’s head is at – if I can add something, see what he is thinking. We just need to sit down and have a conversation after the season. Right now I just want him to play and focus, he’s been banged up a little bit, and hopefully, he is back soon.”

Jacob Markstrom trade rumors from Flames are out there

The assumption is that the Flames intend to be buyers this offseason. Perhaps the pieces Conroy wants to add will make the Flames a more competitive team and Markstrom will want to be a part of it. At the same time, maybe the bridge between the goaltender and the organization has already been burned. Markstrom was not a fan of how the deadline played out, not only because many of his close friends were traded, but because his name was out there and he ultimately was pulled out of a deal he thought was done with the New Jersey Devils.

The Flames Are Reshaping Their Roster… Where Does Markstrom Fit?

Calgary boasts approximately $19 million in cap space, with only $68.8 million committed to the $87.7 million upper limit. While they may not be pursuing marquee names with lavish offers, the Flames are poised to be active participants in the mid-tier market, targeting players open to signing for the right term. If Markstrom wants to be part of that, great. If he doesn’t, the Flames will try to move him, then use his money to potentially acquire another goaltender to work alongside Dustin Wolf and Dan Vladar.

Assistant General Manager Conroy emphasized their approach, stating, “If there’s a contract of suitable length and it addresses our needs, we won’t hesitate. It’s challenging to acquire specific players. Perhaps adding a couple of seasoned veterans would complement our roster. We maintain a good balance, prioritizing the development of our young talent. However, if we can secure assistance for two or three years, that would align with our objectives. Making trades for specific players is arduous, and we remain committed to staying competitive.”

This strategy reflects Calgary’s intention to bolster their lineup and the organization needs to know where Markstrom works into the gameplan. The hope by the team is that Markstrom won’t stay frustrated with the franchise. “Emotions are high at the deadline. I’ve been there. I think all of the outside noise, everything that was going on, it’s tough,” said Conroy. He added, “I take everything with a grain of salt. We’ll move forward and move on. Marky, I don’t worry about him at all. Marky is true pro.”

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