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Chychrun’s Response to Senators’ Future Question Hints at Trade

Jakob Chychrun’s response to questions about his future with the Ottawa Senators is leading to speculation of an offseason trade.

There was plenty of speculation that Jakob Chychrun might be on the move at this past year’s NHL Trade Deadline. He wasn’t dealt, even though his future in Ottawa seemed less than clear. Speaking with the media on Thursday as the Senators were clearing out of their lockers and leaving for their respective offseasons, Chychurn didn’t quiet rumors he might be on the move this summer.

The defenseman was asked whether he sees himself playing for the team over the next few seasons. Considering he’s got one more year left on his current deal, it seemed like a relevant question. His response wasn’t exactly one that would give Senators’ fans the utmost confidence he’s sticking around.

According to Clair Hanna of TSN Sports, he responded:

“It’s a tough question, I don’t know. I honestly have not thought about that. I know I have 1 more year left (on my contract). There haven’t been talks of an extension or anything so I haven’t got my head wrapped around that idea. It’s tough to sit here and act like I have. Take it day by day and see if and when we have those talks and go from there.”

It makes sense that the two sides wouldn’t have talked about an extension yet. That said, his admission that he’s not wrapped his head around staying is potentially problematic for fans who want him to stick around. Hanna went on to note in a follow-up post (sharing a video from last year’s cleanout) that Chychrun had a completely different tone about him this season. Last year, he was excited about the future in Ottawa and wanted to be a part of the group. This year, he seemed dejected and stoic, especially given the way this season went versus the expectations for the group.

Expect Senators to Trade Chychrun This Summer

The Senators will need to make some roster changes and Chychrun may be among them. He’s got the upcoming season as the last on his current contract and if he’s thinking about leaving or testing the market, the Senators would be better suited to deal for him for a solid return.

Jakob Chychrun future with Senators

There will be teams that see him as a good option and will jump at the chance to add him for a run as the salary cap increases. In many ways, he would be a full-season rental if he’s picked up at this year’s NHL Draft.

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