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Brujeria at Dickens Concert Review: Worth the Wait

Brujeria was live in concert at Dickens in Calgary. Was the show everything one might have expected out of a band who reunited over their hatred of Donald Trump?

Housed in Calgary’s Dickens Pub, Juan Brujo and Co. brought their signature style of Mexican fueled death/grindcore metal to the stages of the west side of the YYC. Brujeria, roughly translated to “Witchcraft”, we’re ready to play this June night. Formed in Tijuana, Mexico in the late 80’s, our neighbours from the south have finally made their way into Canada thanks to our other neighbours and their election of Donald J. Trump. Marking a tour around their latest release Pocho Aztlan, the disdain and fiery-passion not seen since the Bush administration were on full display.

My bias can get the best of me sometimes, but is there anything better than one of the most dangerous bands on the planet fuelling an audience into an “F—- You Donald Trump” chant? Unlike other dangerous artists – Ice Cube, Rage Against The Machine, GG Allin, to name a few – Brujeria packs an extra punch being from Mexico. It’s almost cathartic in their execution against the far-right.

Military-like precision, bouncing from classic to classic. Getting past the border was a shock to most in attendance, the night wasn’t inept of all interruption though. Canadian act Dayglow Abortions were late to the show and Brujeria was forced to go on early. This only fired up the crowd – one mixed of cowboys and Mexicans clad in leather jackets and bandanas. Amidst this mess, it was still more organized than anything at Calgary’s worst venue, The Big Four. Missing was the newly added Jessica Pimentel of Orange is the New Black fame, despite that Juan Brujo was not skipping a beat, allowing the pure metal to just bounce off his greasy gut.

A once in a lifetime show to say the least. Bands like (HED) p.e., DRI and Brujeria finally making their way to Calgary, it seems to be the light at the end of the tunnel or at least the only thing keeping the current music scene in Calgary from reverting back to what it was in the 90’s — a desert.

It took twenty years for them to finally make their way to Canada, but I think all in attendance would overwhelmingly say it was worth the wait. From ¡Viva Presidente Trump!, Marijuana Macarena and anti-Bush and Castro fuelled songs that have gained their metal militia over the years, boy was it was worth it. Concert Works is a garnering a reputation as being a breakthrough promoter, and bringing in these crazy little shows is completely worth it.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Alexis

    June 10, 2018 at 7:38 pm

    A good review shedding light on the Calgary music scene, and a band I will need to check out. By the sounds of it, I’m impressed this band made their way to the yyc.

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