There is no doubt that Brad Stevens is the best coach in the NBA. Why? Simple, because he wins. In addition, he wins consistently without his best line-up.

Obviously, all NBA players have talent. If they didn’t, no NBA team would have drafted them. But, there are stars and there are superstars. Except when it comes to Stevens’ coaching – he turns stars into superstars. To think otherwise – to attribute it to luck – simply ignores the facts.

This year’s postseason Celtic run proves it. Many people, because of the Celtics’ decimated line-up (weren’t they supposed to be missing their leaders?) picked the upstart Philadelphia 76’ers to beat them easily. But, that young 76’er team never had a chance. Now Stevens’ Celtics are kicking the Cavs’ – a team that swept Eastern Conference winning Toronto Raptors; a loss, by the way, that firing coach Dwayne Casey – a finalist for NBA’s Coach of the Year.

Good money believes the Celtics will not win the NBA title. Still, no one can doubt that Stevens’ team has far exceeded expectations.

So, who is Brad Stevens? And, how did he get where he is?

Here are 10 Facts You Might Not Know about Brad Stevens.

vIA Keith Allison from Hanover, MD, USA

Fact #1: Brad Stevens is Great at ATOs

After time out (ATO) plays are one measure of NBA coaching success. How creative can a coach be drawing up plays that work? Stevens’ perfectly diagrammed plays are legend. Rumor even has it that opposition players ask Celtics’ players how he does it.

Fact #2: Brad Stevens Stayed Close to Home in Indiana

Stevens was a high-school basketball star in Indiana, but got only one Division I offer. He chose to stay at home in Indiana and play at DIII DePauw University. He wasn’t a starter.

Fact #3: Brad Stevens is Intelligent.

When Stevens graduated, his first job was with high-paying pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly.

Fact #4: When Brad Stevens Missed Basketball, He Did Something About It

Because Stevens missed basketball, he coached a summer camp at Butler University. When the “job” of volunteer assistant (no salary) for Butler’s men’s basketball team came up in 2000 Stevens jumped at it.

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